Country Fair 2017

We need more Members and Volunteers to help us organise and run our Country Fair and other events in 2018. Please join us to ensure we can repeat our previous successes.  All profits will be spent to improve Hotham Park.

Hotham Park Heritage Trust Country Fair 2017 – Video and Pictures

Many thanks to Neil Cooper of Shepherd Media for filming and donating this video, slideshow and pictures to Hotham Park Heritage Trust.  The slideshow and pictures are below the video.  We hope you enjoy the show!

The slideshow is below. If you would prefer to see the pictures in album format, click here.

Hotham Park Country Fair 2017

For more information about the Hotham Park Heritage Trust Country Fair 2017 click here.

All events organised by Hotham Park Heritage Trust are to raise funds to improve the park for all.  In 2016 we raised funds to create the Mad Hatter’s Copse.   Please visit our dedicated page for more information.

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