Country Fair Videos 2015

Hotham Park Heritage Trust (HPHT), currently a registered charity, is in the process of being closed with the intention of becoming a charitable organisation to be known as Friends of Hotham Park (FoHP).
Click this link for an update on the situation, including details of how to contact FoHP

All events listed on this website have always been organised and run entirely by a small group of unpaid Trustees, Members and Volunteers of Hotham Park Heritage Trust, which is now being closed because of a lack of people willing to volunteer their time.

The new charitable group, Friends of Hotham Park, are hoping to continue the legacy of HPHT by running various events in 2020 but they need your help. For more information please email or click here

The following is an archive of an event organised and run by Hotham Park Heritage Trust in 2015.

Hotham Park Heritage Trust Country Fair 2015 – videos

All the fun of the Country Fair

See some of the fair from the air