Film in the Park

Hotham Park Heritage Trust (HPHT), currently a registered charity, is in the process of being closed with the intention of becoming a charitable organisation to be known as Friends of Hotham Park (FoHP).
Click this link for an update on the situation, including details of how to contact FoHP

All events listed on this website have always been organised and run entirely by a small group of unpaid Trustees, Members and Volunteers of Hotham Park Heritage Trust. In the Autumn of 2019 the decision was made to close the Trust because of a lack of people willing to volunteer their time.

The new charitable group, Friends of Hotham Park, hope to continue the legacy of HPHT by organising various activities in the future but they need your help. For more information please email or click here.

The following is one of the events organised and run by Hotham Park Heritage Trust in 2019.

Film in the Park 2019

Friday 30 August 2019.   7:00pm to 10:30pm.  FREE entry.

In another exciting new venture, Hotham Park Heritage Trust teamed up with local professional film projectionist, Allen Taylor, and were delighted with the screening of the film ‘Footloose’ in Hotham Park on 30 August 2019.

This was the first Film in the Park event that had been organised by Members of Hotham Park Heritage Trust as part of their community and fund-raising activities. The film was chosen by undertaking a poll on social media and everything was organised in a very short space of time. The evening itself was well attended with an audience of about 350. Being the first event of this kind that we had organised there were a couple of small technical hitches but they were all learning experiences and we are pleased that most people entered into the spirit of the occasion, giving us great feedback with most saying they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

There were a small number of food and drink stalls providing popcorn, candy floss, hot and cold drinks, and a small hot food stall. There was also a stall selling glow in the dark and light-up accessories with ice creams also on sale. To help cover the cost and raise funds for the Park there was a bucket collection during the interval and after the event and all contributions that were made were very welcome.

The Trust was dedicated to promoting the conservation, protection and improvement of Hotham Park and the money raised from any fundraising activity was used in accordance with the HPHT constitution and fed back into amenities within the Park. The Trustees and Members were all volunteers and we hope you enjoyed this special occasion.

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