Alice – The Grand Unveiling

Alice – The Grand Unveiling

Sunday 27 May 2018 from 2:15pm.

As a result of funds raised at the 2016 and 2017 Country Fairs we have been able to pay for the wood carvings in The Mad Hatter’s Copse and are very excited to announce the unveiling of more Alice in Wonderland sculptures on Sunday 27 May 2018, details as shown on the poster below. Hotham Park Heritage Trust are thrilled that we have been able to get the Bard and the Troubadour to perform their Alice in Wonderland Theatre production, this will be the first live performance of a play in the Park. Children should find this show very engaging. Also the Suzanne Hill School of Dance will perform song and dance routines to entertain us.

We need more Members and Volunteers to help us organise and run our Country Fair and other events in 2018 so that we can continue to improve the Park for all. Please join us to ensure we can repeat our previous successes.

Poster for Alice portrait

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