Hotham Park Heritage Trust (HPHT), currently a registered charity, is in the process of being dissolved with the intention of becoming a charitable organisation to be known as Friends of Hotham Park (FoHP).
Click this link for an update on the situation, including details of how to become a member of FoHP and the dates and times of future FoHP meetings as and when they become available.

Hotham Park Heritage Trust is run solely by a small group of unpaid Volunteer Members and we realise that, whilst some people may not have the time to be a Member or Volunteer, they would like to contribute in some other way to the future well-being of the park. One way in which this can be done is by making a donation, whether it be by monetary means or by contributing prizes for our tombola and/or raffle stalls, with funds raised being spent on improving the amenities in Hotham Park for the benefit of the public.

If you would like to make a monetary donation please complete and return our Membership application form (Membership not necessary although you would be very welcome to join).

If you would like to donate items towards our tombola or raffle prizes please complete and submit the on-line form below. (Donations are now needed by the new charitable organisation, Friends of Hotham Park, hence change to form below).

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