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Flora and Fauna

There are plenty of beautiful scenes in the Park, as shown on the flickr slideshow below which has over 100 pictures for you to enjoy. Look out for the carved wooden owl which is one of the many hidden gems within the Park.

Special thanks to Neil Cooper of Shepherd Media for taking these pictures and creating the slideshow.

Hotham Park Bognor Regis

Wonderland Copse

As well as protecting the heritage of Sir Richard Hotham, founder of the town, and the Park’s status as a conservation area, as created by William Fletcher, Hotham Park Heritage Trust is dedicated to improving the facilities within the Park for everyone. This is achieved, in the main, by raising funds at our events. We are then able to fund either entirely, or make a contribution towards, various attractions.

Our most recent addition to the Park was a magnificent hand-carved wooden sculpture which was installed in April 2017 and is situated in the ‘Wonderland Copse’ to the east of the Mary Macfie pavilion. It was crafted by Simon Groves and depicts the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from the story of Alice in Wonderland. The design is an 8ft x 2.5ft table with clocks in each corner, playing cards down the centre and 8 mushrooms as seating, with the Mad Hatter as a separate figure. It will be a permanent feature in the Park and we hope it will be enjoyed by everyone for many years to come.

Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter

The theme of Alice in Wonderland was chosen by local schoolchildren and the full cost of this sculpture was met from funds raised at the Hotham Park Heritage Trust Country Fair which was held over the first weekend of August 2016.  We hope to introduce more sculptures using the fairytale theme in the future but urgently need people like you to get involved and help us make our events even bigger and better in order to achieve this.  Please do not hesitate to contact us as you will be most welcome.

In addition to the above, Hotham Park Heritage Trust, have raised a total of £52,455 to date for the following:

£4,355 for seating and lighting in the Mary Macfie Pavilion
£18,000 towards the Children’s Playground
£6,700 towards the cost of restoration of Hotham House Clock Tower
£9,000 to purchase nine park benches
£1,400 towards lighting for the bandstand
£13,000 towards plants and improvements for the ornamental pond

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