Hotham Park Sundial

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Hotham Park Sundial – Enjoy TIME in the Park!

There is now a magnificent new Sundial in Hotham Park. The original was removed years ago after being vandalised and was replaced with an ordinary Sundial. When the value of the original was assessed it was placed in the Arun District Council safe although, unfortunately, the original gnomon (the vertical shadow stick) had disappeared.

This project started when the replacement Sundial had been vandalised yet again, the gnomon had been broken off and it was suggested that we buy a few plastic sundials that could be replaced cheaply and often. The original pedestal had also been damaged by a vehicle and moved out of place.

Hotham Park Heritage Trust decided to see whether it was viable to replace the original with a vandal-proof replica.

We found a brilliant Sundial maker, Harriet James, who was excited to discover that the original was a double horizontal Sundial made by Henry Wynne, very rare and interesting (her words). It had multiple lines and curves within the inner circle giving times of sunrise, sunset, day length etc. Harriet suggested that the replacement should be simplified to give time and compass directions and include date curves for summer and winter solstices and the equinoxes to replace the stereo grid but be in the original 17th century style of Henry Wynne. She described how she could fit the sections through the pedestal with a stainless-steel dowel and security fixings to make it ‘bomb-proof’ which was a big element in our decision to go ahead.

Drawing of the new Sundial
(c) Harriet James

The Sundial has been crafted, the pedestal repaired and the finished article is now proudly installed. We hope you enjoy using our amazing new Hotham Park Sundial and are very proud that the endeavours of Hotham Park Heritage Trust have made this happen.

Drawing of the new gnomon
(c) Harriet James

Next time you are in Hotham Park have a look and see how easy it is to tell the time using the Sundial, remembering that it will always show the time in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

For details of how to read the Sundial click here.

Here is the ‘journey’ in pictures:

Harriet taking accurate measurements of the original Sundial
The old, damaged pedestal – a vehicle had moved it out of position
Original Sundial, showing double horizontal stereo grid

A temporary replacement gnomon
Collecting the original pedestal from Hotham Park
New Sundial in the 17th century style of Henry Wynne, the original maker

Sir Richard Hotham’s crest
The new Sundial
The new Sundial

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